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Hello and welcome to SASS Fit! My name is Melissa Humphrey. I am a certified, experienced female personal trainer and NPC figure competitor in Altamonte Springs, Florida. My love for fitness began in 2003 after I became sick and tired of feeling frumpy and insecure. Because I was too insecure to train in a gym alone, I found a personal trainer that helped me find my true passion. In the beginning, it was not easy to make the commitment to my health. However, after seeing the changes in my body, I was hooked.

After a career upset in 2007, I was stuck asking myself, what now? This is when I decided to start my personal training career in Orlando. I started out training both men and women, but I soon realized that men aren’t fun to train. I then made the decision to only train women, and I have never regretted it. There’s nothing more satisfying than giving a woman back her confidence or inner SASS.

My personal training methods are a little different than most trainers, as I focus on creating beautiful curves. Named the “body sculptor” by many of my clients, I believe that fitness isn’t just about losing fat and gaining muscle; it is also about creating workouts to help bring out YOUR sexy, hourglass shape. My workouts are fun and effective, especially when paired with proper nutrition. They will leave you feeling better about yourself and coming back for more. You do not need to be an athlete or even know the first thing about a gym to train with me. You only need to be a woman that wants to feel comfortable in her own skin or take her fitness to another level.


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SASS Client Results

63 Year Old Transformation

January 3, 2018

40 Year Old Client Transformation

January 3, 2018

60 year Old Client

January 3, 2018

50 day Nutrition only transformation

January 3, 2018

In November 2014 I finally got fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle, and decided it was time for a change. I then joined Weight Watchers, and started losing weight. But I knew that I didn’t want to just lose weight, I wanted to be toned, strong and healthy. In March 2015 I began to search for a personal trainer, when I found Melissa. I cancelled my Weight Watchers subscription, and she helped me figure out my daily caloric intake and macros. After my first workout I was hooked, and looked forward to the next class! I started seeing and feeling results immediately. Sass Fit is a hidden gem! I love Melissa and her workouts. She constantly shocks my muscles. She’s very attentive and knows what level each of her girls is at. If needed, she shows you a modification to her workout. She’s very motivating and encouraging, and gives you that extra push you need at times! If you’re looking for a judgement free, fun place to workout, look no further! I’m so glad I found her! She’s simply awesome!

Jackie, 40, Altamonte Springs

I finally got to a point in my weight loss journey to realize that I needed more than a “quick fix”. Like many, I’ve tried weight loss pills and establishments that told me I would lose weight and lose it fast which is what I wanted to hear and see. The problem was I always gained back my weight and I was tired of taking so many things to suppress my appetite. I was over it and I wanted and I needed real one on one support. After speaking, then meeting Melissa, I knew I would get everything I really needed to be successful. I have a long way to go but already in a few weeks I feel more confident in myself and with the body changing before my eyes. I am becoming stronger, I see definition in my arms (which is one of my major problem areas) I feel sexier in my clothes and it’s real weight loss & inches that I’m losing, no weight loss pills, or appetite suppressants.

If I struggled with an exercise Melissa gives me encouragement to keep trying or an alternative exercise that makes me comfortable, and I don’t feel like I only have access to her when it’s time to workout, she’s always willing to give me support and different ideas to eat better and it is still a tasty meal. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be successful. She’s an amazing, supportive trainer, and you can tell how genuine your success is to her, it’s a recipe for a leaner, healthier, sexier me and I’m truly loving it! Hurts so gooood!!! 🙂

Nicole McFarlane, 33, Winter Springs


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Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other trainers?

I do not collect my personal training fee, train you, and go home.  Instead, I provide 100% support inside and outside of the gym.    I will spot check your meals, send you motivational text/emails, hold you to your weekly goals and answer your daily questions as you get used to your journey. I WANT to be a part of your journey.  Your success is my success!

How long until I see results?

Results will vary based on the individual.  Nutrition makes up 80% of the equation when it comes to your success.  The remaining 20% would be training, resting, and cardio. There are 168 hours in a week.  We will train a few of those hours together and the rest are in your hands.  I will do everything in my power to help you succeed, but at the end of the day, you make the final decision.  Anything worth having in life is worth working for!

What can I expect after 1 month of SASS FIT CAMP?

I tell my clients that the first week of starting a new program you will be very sore and hate training.  You will try to think of every excuse not to come to your next session.   By the end of the second week things start to get a little easier.  By the third week people have started to recognize your changes.  Maybe it is a small weight loss, body composition (curves coming out), or just the SASS in your step. By week 4 YOU can expect to see YOUR changes. Remember, confidence is the sexiest outfit you can wear.  By week 5 you will have this outfit in constant rotation!

Will weight training make me big and bulky?

No! Women do not and cannot produce enough testosterone necessary to get big and bulky.  The big and bulky women (that give weight training a bad name) are normally on anabolic steroids. Weight training will help make you strong, curvy, and give you muscle definition. Please step away from the pink dumbbells!

I want a six-pack.  Can I work abs every day?

No! Do not work ANY muscle every day.  Not only are six-pack abs genetic but they are revealed through your diet and potentially repairing or altering your diet to ensure the proper nutrition based on your genetics. You could do 100 sit ups a day but if your diet is not 80% in check or if defined ab muscles are not in your genetic makeup then you will be wasting your time.  

Do I have to eat a salad for every meal if I want to lose weight?

Do you want Do you want to eat a salad for every meal?  I personally love green leafy salads full of colorful produce. My body runs a lot better on whole foods rather than anything processed BUT let’s keep it real; life is short. I love pizza. I love sweets.  It is best to learn how to enjoy your favorite foods in moderation. Don’t deny yourself as it will only cause issues later on on your journey. Let yourself have what you’re craving but be sure to include it in your daily caloric needs.

How is Your Class different than a Group Fitness Class in a Gym? 

In the gym, the classes are usually packed and the instructor is doing the workout with you. It is hard for an instructor to watch your form if they are working out at the same time they are directing class. My group training sessions are exactly like a personal training session. I am watching over your form and instructing you. I also keep the class small enough so that I can help everyone.

How is your class different than a Bootcamp?

It has been a long time since I have done a bootcamp but what I remember is that the groups were large and everyone was doing the same (non equipment) compound (push-ups, dips, squats, etc.) exercise. While I do believe in compound exercises and incorporate them in class, I believe isolations exercises are what help sculpt and bring out your sexy curves.